July 30, 2011

Washington, D.C.

One sentence description:  A song about Washington, D.C.
Grade: 3-5
Detailed description:  The website “Free Songs for Kids” offers many free songs.  One song I found to be a good educational tool is the song titled “Washington, D.C” by the Teacher and the Rockbots.  The full length song is available here for free.  You can also buy the CD that comes with many more educational songs.  The “Washington, D.C.” song includes many facts about Washington, D.C.  Some of these facts are not commonly taught, like how many bathrooms are in the White House, but appeal to the interest to the students.  I used this song in a lesson about Washington, D.C. in a 3rd grade class.  I found that after the students listened to the song once they had already memorized the chorus which includes some of the most important facts that the students needed to learn.  The song also teachers about major buildings/monuments found in Washington, D.C. which include the White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Capitol building, Library of Congress, and Lincoln Memorial.

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