July 28, 2011

Math Magician

One sentence description:  Practice math facts within a given amount of time.
Grade: 1-6
Detailed description: This website allows students to practice math facts in a timed session.  The website is very easy to navigate.  First student pick a category; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or mixed operations.  Then students choose a level; level 1 or 2.  Level 1 is easier and for the most part (some involve the number 10) involves one digit numbers.  Level 2 involves two digit numbers.  I would suggest you take a few minutes to do the level yourself before you have your students do it.  In level 1, the goal is to solve 50 math problems in 2.5 minutes and in level 2 the goal is go solve 100 math problems in 5 minutes.  Once the student starts, there is a timer on the side to show how much time is left.  At the top of the screen it shows what question number the student is on.  Once the student answers all questions, it gives the students the percent of questions correct.  It also tells them how fast it took to solve all the questions.  This is a good feature to have to show the students that go to fast and are not very accurate that they need to slow down. 
When I used this with a class, I had the students do this activity twice.  The goal was to get a higher percentage correct on their second turn.  When using this activity it is important to focus on the individual students’ scores and not compare their scores to the other students.  Make sure to point this out to the students. 
There are a few disadvantages that I have found.  First, if the student does not complete all the questions in the given amount of time, it does not give the percentage correct.  You are able to see what question the student left off though and could use that as a goal to increase.  Another disadvantage is that you are not able to see what questions the students answered incorrectly.  The student also does not know when they answer a question wrong so they do not get instant feedback.

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