July 26, 2011

Online Stories (on KOL Jr.)

One sentence description:  A website with online stories.
Grade: K-2
Detailed description:  The website KOL Jr. has many sections, but I will only focus on the “stories” section.  Maybe in a later post I will review the other sections but for now you will have to check it out yourself.  The “stories” section includes online versions of published books.  The stories are not animated but there are illustrations.  The text is read and the words are highlighted as they are being read.  The story flips between the pages on its own but there is a pause feature available to pause the story at any time.  The stories are organized by these categories: animals, Arthur (by Marc Brown), fairy tales, family, rhyming.  I do not know if the stories are word for word of the original story or not, but I would assume they would be.  This would be a useful website for a struggling reader.

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