July 27, 2011

Speakaboos (online books)

One sentence description:  Speakaboos is a website with online stories.
Grade: K-3
Detailed description:  Speakaboos is a website with many features.  I will focus on the “stories” feature in this post.  There are many online stories that can be categorized by many topics (too many to list but a few are fairy tales, nursery rhymes, Arthur).  There is a search feature which allows you to search by theme, author, or celebrity.  Celebrities read the online stories.  Some authors also read their stories, for example Marc Brown reads some of the Arthur books.  Some of the stories are also in Spanish.  The stories play on their own but there is a pausing option.  Not all the stories are free, so to access all the stories you must become a member.  There are also lesson plans, worksheets, and online games to go along with each story.

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