July 25, 2011

Books by Ezra Jack Keats

One Sentence Description:  The author Ezra Jack Keats official website with animated stories.
Website: http://www.ezra-jack-keats.org/
Grade: K-2
Description:  This website is all about the author Ezra Jack Keats.  My favorite resource is the animated stories.  There are three of Ezra Jack Keats’ stories which have been animated.  The “Educator’s Corner” link sends you to a page with links to lesson plans/ideas.  Some are related to Keats’ books, including those which are not animated on the website.  The “Kid’s Corner” link is where the animated stories are located.  There are also games as well as activities (coming soon) for students to play.  There are many other links related that you can check out (I only mentioned the ones that are more geared towards teaching lessons) including the author’s biography and awards.

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