July 5, 2011

Financial Soccer

One sentence description:  A online soccer game which tests students financial knowledge.
Grades: 6-12
Pregame:  This contains links to files with content related to the questions that will be asked during the game.  The content is organized by age and subject. This could be used to study before the game or for teachers to use for lesson plans.
Single Player Game:  This is an online soccer game.  At the start of the game, the students choose what country they want to play for, and what country they want to play against.  They also choose the length of the game from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (this is a good feature to have when you want to use this during your lesson).  They also choose the difficulty of the game (based on age). Students must choose a player to move.  They are given three players to move and must choose one.  To move or pass the ball, a question is displayed and must be answered correctly.  These questions are all financial related.  Above each players head it either says “easy, medium, or hard.”  This allows the students to choose the difficulty of question they want.  The farther the pass, the harder the question.  To move or pass to a player, the students must answer the question correctly.  To steal the ball, the students must answer the question correctly.  When the player with the ball gets close to the net, they have the option to shoot.  The student must answer the question correctly to get a goal. 
Head to head game: Very similar to single player game.  The major difference is that when a question is presented, instead of having a certain time to answer the question, it depends on how the other person answered the question.  If one team answers the question wrong, then the other team gets the ball.
Additional Features:  There are links to lesson plans and other teacher resources.  The game can also be downloaded to the desktop.

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